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Dear sirs,
Dongbu Art Co.,Ltd. (from now on, Dongbu Art) has grown up as a leading company in the field of fine art transportation in KOREA since 1983.
Especially, Dongbu Art has been endeavoring to diversify and continuously developed our business lines including special packing, art moving, customs formalities, installation,warehousing and advanced fine art handling services.
Therefore, we are proud of our numerous experiences in handling of major exhibition for about 25 years. Furthermore, we have performed most of exhibitions projects which were very successful, from Picasso to the Rodin Retrospective in Seoul in 2010, collaborating with about 120 reliable overseas partners worldwide.

Dongbu Art would like to provide the highest reliability and the upmost satisfaction in the field of this business to all related customers in future.

Besides, Dongbu Art is preparing an appreciation hall for many works of art of famous masters from well-known worldwide Museums and you are able to see the related works of art and get the information of them.

Thank you

C. E. O. Bob CHO